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Dear Diary, Cathy is mesmerized by Mandy's huge cock in the new photoset: Ejaculation Hypnosis. Cathy goes to see Mandy for treatment and Mandy gives her the full service.

Dear Diary, Abby and Lana get it on in the new video: Fucking Her While She Phones. The two girls are obsessed with their phones and can't tear their attention away from them, even though they are horny as hell and need to get off. Lana comes in super horny, but Abby is busy texting. Lana rails her with her rock her penises, but Abby doesn't flinch away from the screen even as she's being cummed all over! Abby finally comes to and wants to fuck Lana, but then Lana gets on her phone and just lets Abby do whatever she wants while she plays her favorite phone game. Lana gets a full load of cum on her face but she still continues to look at her phone!

Dear Diary, Abby and Pamela have a rendezvous in the new photo set: Girls Dating Just For Dick. The two hotties go out with one another and find that they have their horniness and hard-ons in common.

Dear Diary, Pixie seduces pious nuns Brenda and Elisa in the new video: Secret Slut Nun Convent. Pixie comes to the two sisters to confess that she has an insatiable appetite for sex. Elisa is very upset by the news and she leaves from disgust. Brenda understands Pixie's problems and she reveals that she too is a closet slutbag. The two dick girls lust for one another, sucking each other's dicks and Brenda penetrates Pixie's pussy with her hard cock. Elisa walks in and sees what's going on and the other two girls undress her to find that she's also hiding a giant secret under her frock. They give her exactly what's she's been needing, and that's a deep fucking with Pixie's extra long serpent cock. Elisa bounces up and down on Brenda's cock until she releases all the pent up cum from her throbbing balls. Brenda unloads her holy load all over Pixie's face and tits. Then Pixie uses her firehose cock to cover the two nuns in her hot jizz.

Dear Diary, Priscilla is a bored office worker who gets herself off in the new photoset: Secretary in to her Sex Organ. She strokes her big cock underneath her nylon stockings, pitches a tent and cums all over her desk!

Dear Diary, Thera makes her solo debut in the new video: Sultry Woman with Stiffy. Thera is alone in her room. She slowly works herself up as she sitting down on the sofa. Then she leans back in ecstasy as she gets herself off. She stands up and shows off her statuesque physique as the viewers sits below her. She continues to stroke herself off until she cums all over natural tits and beautiful face.

Dear Diary, Abby and Lana take selfies while sexing each other up in the new photoset: Fucking Her While She Phones. They are completely narcissistic but still need a good release of cumming and facials.

Dear Diary, Pauline, Tina, & Summer dress up as horny jack rabbits in the new video: Frenzied Fuck Bunnies. They role play as furries that just want to fuck. They take turns sucking each other's cocks two on one and in a three way suck off. Summer shoves her cock into Tina's vagina to see how far down the rabbit's hole she can go. Then it's Pauline's turn to give Tina's hole a try. She fucks Tina so good that she starts cumming all over Pauline's chest. Wanting to get in on the action, Summer take's Paulines long cock as she sucks Tina's wang. Summer's tight pussy makes Pauline cum everywhere! Finally Pauline takes a ride on Summer's sausage until Summer jizzes all over the other two sex bunny's asses.

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