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Dear Diary! Big news... So happy to announce that I just started a new sister site called: FutaFemDom. Your favorite hugely hung hotties wreck the butt-holes of willing men. The debut video, Girlfriends Punishing Misbehaving Husband, starring Abby Armshlong and Lana Lovelimbs is available for purchase through my clip store at More videos of Futanaria girls dominating dudes coming soon! Follow me on Twitter for all the latest!

Dear Diary, Lana sexually harasses Becky in the new video: Business Women with Bulges. Becky is working at the office when Lana starts flirting and rubbing her bulge up against her. When she realizes that Becky is designing a new bra design, Lana takes out her tits. Lana gropes Becky's bulge and dry humps her when she bends over. Becky eventually warms up to Lana's blatant advances. They admire and compare each other's dicks. Then suck and jack each other off. They blast their loads all over their naked tits!

Dear Diary, March, Adela, & Erica show off their cock loving spirit in the new photo set: Cheer Squad Shooting Splooge. They try and practice their routine, but are so distracted by long, hard, big dicks!

Dear Diary, Cathy and Thera make their video debut with Mandy in: Facials while Fucking. The three girls are in bed together and what better thing to do than to suck and fuck each other? They take turns swallowing each other's cocks. Then give each other blowjobs in a circle suck. Cathy stuffs her big hard meat sword into Thera's vagina from behind while Mandy watches and strokes herself. Then, Thera gets on her back, spreads her legs wide so that Cathy can plunge her cock into her gaping snatch missionary style. Cathy blows her load all over Mandy's face and turns her around and fucks her doggy while Cathy unloads her sperm all into Mandy's mouth.

Dear Diary, Tammy gets her fitness on in the new photo set: Wide Wiener Wad Workout. She is an exercise instructor that shows you how get the most cum out of your cock. She even gives herself a massive facial in the process.

Dear Diary, Summer makes her video debut with Jessica in: Mommy Daughter Sex Lesson. Summer is concerned because there are rumors going around about Jessica not being a good cock sucker, so as any good mom would do, she confronts her daughter about it. Summer is determined to have Jessica be the best cock sucker she can be. She teaches her and gives her pointers on what to do. Then she asks her daughter if she's ever had sex before. Jessica admits that she's a virgin. Summer tells her that she would give her the best lesson in taking a hard shaft up her tight virgin pussy. They take turns fucking each other and Summer gives Jessica her first facial ever by drowning her in hot mommy jizz.

This video is available in MP4 format in High Definition and Standard Definition only.

Dear Diary, Lana and Becky show their penises and professional sides in the new photo set: Business Women with Bulges. They are office sluts that love to cum in their pant suits!

Dear Diary, Janeen helps Pamela get over her dick shame in the new video: Ashamed of Ample Appendage. Pamela is minding her own business reading when Janeen comes in and notices that she's got a giant bulge under her blanket. Curious, Janeen seeks to find out what Pamela is hiding. To her surprise, she uncovers a huge, massive cock in all its glory. Pamela doesn't like showing off her penis because she thinks it's too big, but Janeen convinces her that what she has is an amazing gift. She makes Pamela feel better by licking her dick and stroking it with both arms. Janeen gets so aroused by Pamela's massive meat that she ends up cumming all over it! Pamela is turned on by the fact that Janeen is aroused by her dick and she too erupts in cum!

Dear Diary, I'm super excited to introduce my two new dick girly additions: Cathy Cuntbuster & Thera Thrilldrill! These hotties make their debut with Mandy in the new photoset: Facials while Fucking. It's a threesome in bed and everyone gets in on the action: sucking, fucking, and of course, facials.

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