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Dear Diary, Lana, Sabrina, and Porsha dine in with cum chef Rachel in the new photo set: Cum Food Tasting Party. All the girls are very cum hungry and horny so they join Rachel in her sex kitchen for some steamy treats.

Dear Diary, Cathy seeks out professional help from Mandy in the new video: Ejaculate Hypnosis. Cathy has problems cumming so she goes to Mandy to help her out. Mandy hypnotizes Cathy and gives her hands on treatment. She strokes her cock and sucks on it until it's throbbing and ready to burst in a cum explosion. Then she has Cathy fuck her in different positions until Mandy herself cums from being fucked so hard. When the time comes, Mandy tells Cathy to let loose and her balls burst with a huge load of jizz!

Dear Diary, Jessica gets herself a larger appendage in the new photo set: Chick Getting a Huge Choad. Even though Jessica already has a massive cock, she wants bigger and better and that's exactly what she gets!

Dear Diary, Becky and Pamela meet off of an online dating site in the new video: Girls Dating Just for Dick. The two girls meet at a bar and notice each other's giant cocks right away. They make small talk but they both know what is on the each other's mind. They get down and dirty right away. They compare rub down each other's equally impressive cocks and wag them back and forth while dancing. Becky rubs her hard serpent dong into Pamela's butt cheeks until she cums into their cocktail glasses. Pamela take giant swigs of the hot, juicy cum and spits it back onto her cock. Then Becky gets onto her knees and strokes Pamela's cock until she spews a mountain of jizz into her face. She gets entirely glazed in Pamela's cum!

Dear Diary, Tina, Pauline, and Summer are dirty cleaners in the new photoset: Maids that Need to Get Laid. Tina and Pauline just want to get work done but they find it really distracting when Pauline just wants to fuck around. And of course, they all end up in a giant facial, fucking session!

Dear Diary, Priscilla is one horny office worker in the new video: Secretary into Her Sex Organ. She has a ton of work that needs to be done, but more importantly, she needs to rub one out. She caresses her giant boner through her stockings. She pitches a tent in her pantyhose and starts to vigorously stroke her cock until she cums all over her monitor and workstation!

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